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Membership Plans No. of people Descriptions Annual fees
Single 1 Includes one (1) adult or one (1) minor 150 $
Double 2 Includes one (1) adult and one (1) minor 280 $
Family 3 to 6 Includes two (2) adults maximum and all family members must live at the same address 375 $
Notes :

A minor is a person under the age of 18.

The plans require that all members be from the same family.

Membership fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Membership benefits

Medical consultations with membership

Appointment types Consultation time Fees
Emergency, psychiatry, dermatology, regular follow-ups (1) 20 minutes 115 $
Pediatric check-up (0 to 15 years old) (2) 25 minutes 135 $
Annual check-up (16 to 49 years old) (2) 30 minutes 165 $
Annual check-up (50 years old and over) (2) 40 minutes 220 $
Notes :

Exceeding the scheduled appointment time may result in additional charges.

To avoid an $80 penalty charge, please provide advance notice for appointment cancellations, as follows.

  • Three (3) days before a check-up.
  • Two (2) days before any other appointment.

An $80 penalty charge may be applied for late arrivals.

Medical consultations are non-taxable services.

Medical consultations without being a member

Appointment types Fees
Dermatology and minor surgeries 50 $ added to the base cost
To book an appointment without being a member, please call the clinic at (514) 868-8929.